Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think I might have a WoW problem.... Oh well.

The one thing college has done for me is given me lots of free time to play WoW to the point that is has become my main occupation of sorts. As a guildmaster, I have been busily been working away on a guild website plus my regular college studies and work. Not going to say much more than that, this is more of a quick update than a lenghty post.

"Kill the priest, kill the priest, rape the priest with your epic!" Overheard in WoW recently

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It has been a long while since I last posted... This is mostly due to school starting, and ask anyone who studies computers all day, the last thing you want to do when you get home is start up your computer to post on your blog. Anyways, I really like my program.
In other news, I finally hopped on the WoW bandwagon and went out and got a subscription, it does a good job of passing time during DOS lectures.

Also, did you know you are statistically more likely to be shot by law enforcement and die from your wounds than be killed by terrorists. Seriously, check wired.com's article and find out for yourself.

iTunes's Music Store is being update with a big black SHOWTIME: WE'RE UPDATING MUSIC STORE screen. It is awfully ominous and I can't wait to see the result.

Peace out, A-town down.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


As I watch a water bottle thrown by an irate Georgia Tech fan land a few feet to the left of the referee and Notre Dame take the lead only two plays later, only to be taken away by an illegal block by #89, I think to myself, "Thank God it's September!"
Unlike many Canadians, I truly believe that college football is the game's purest form, and I have awaited the start of the season like a small child awaits Christmas. Plus Auburn is #4 and many think they'll make it to the National Championship this year which makes me, an avid Auburn fan, very happy.
Another reason September is cool; I started my program at Algonquin College for Computer Systems Tech.

"Every year I just seem to blacker, and darker, and blacker, and mo' darker." Ruckus, The Boondocks

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Big Five-Oh-Oh

Yaaaay, we hit 500 visitors at some point last night!
Also 1) I started a French language blog (my native tongue) on myspace.com, I'll add a link on the sidebar sometime today, feel free to add me on myspace as well, use alexmcfarlane@hotmail.com to do so.
2) Over the next hour I'll upload the photos from the Steve vs Luigi Beer Pong match up on my flickr account so visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcfarlanelechasseur/sets/72157594253860614/ to check it out.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Check It Out

BeerPong Networks first internet video show, A Drive With Steve-O and Alex, is now up on YouTube.com. Please consider that the uploaded file is a rough render from Sony Vegas and will likely be spruced up and re-uploaded. Consider this a pilot episode, more characters will be added and the quality will increase as we get more comfortable with our tools and software.

Check it out here.

"You WILL be sleeping in a haunted house tonite!" Ed Wuncler III, The Boondocks

Saturday, August 19, 2006

No seriously...

I downl.... err... bought the dvd of the show, and I have to say Boondocks is a classic from the get go, please watch it, so that you can understand the phenomenon.

I urge you to watch it

Please folks, if you take anything away from this site, it is the need to watch The Boondocks, which plays on Cartoon Network in the States and on Teletoon in Canada.
It's kinda like anime meets hip-hop or 'ani-black', and features such regular recurring characters as Gangstalicious (played by Mos Def), Ed Wuncler III (played by Charlie Murphy), and Gin Rummy (played by Samuel Jackson, no seriously), and guest appearances by such notables as Quincy Jones.

Anyways, head over to Wikipedia.org and read up on it.

The Boondocks
(The Boondocks)

"You don't slap a man. OK. I mean, even when slapping was fashionable, ya know, they did it in Paris, some guy would come up: WHAP PAP 'I challenge you to a duel.' They would have a gunfight after that— somebody had to go!" - Charlie Murphy, Chappelle's Show

Monday, August 14, 2006

iTunes is Actually Sick

iTunes and it's associated music store, which I have shunned as a player worthy enough for iPod fanboys and that's it, has turned out to be quite a nice surprise. I really like the system and how it interconnects with the player itself. Also the music quality is pleasantly good. I myself recently spent 10$ plus the 20$ gift card my friend at the Apple Store hooked me up with and I have to say I am quite pleased.

If your still downloading music of limewire, even though you can afford to buy it, give iTunes a shot.


"The news will hit you like a punch... It's only Tuesday..." - DJ Shadow ft. Mos Def, Six Days (Remix)

Web 2.0: An Evolution in Design

I remember when I first got into web development at the tender age of 12, when my class was tasked with making a website about the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, ON, Canada for a competition with other classes around the world (if I remember correctly we won nationally and finished second globally.) Back in those days, the good old web 1.o days, complexity was king. Your site could be about chameleons, but if it couldn't file your taxes and find you some extra deductions while playing music in the background and using seven different programming languages, it wasn't quite complex enough for the web. In other words, the more features you could pack in, the better. Bigger, bulkier sites were en vogue and they were knocking small sites out with their size and usefulness.

Then suddenly, cellphones, televisions, refrigerators, and, god-forbid, computers were connecting to the internet. Wireless was the new wave. All of a sudden these tiny cellphones couldn't handle big, bulky sites, therein lies the reason for the shift to Web 2.0. All of a sudden people realized that maybe a chameleon fansite might not need to be able to do your taxes to be useful, people realized that there was a new king, and it wasn't complexity. The usurper was design. Sites became leaner and meaner, and these tinier faster sites were destroying the gigantic remains of Web 1.o that failed to adapt. People realized that clutter on your site, like on your desktop is an eyesore. And this was a good thing.

Another side affect of this shift is that one school of design became dominant, tables, which typically deferred to the now obsolete and nearly extinct frames and iframes.

R.I.P. Frames and long live design.

"The only thing worse than democrats and republicans... Is when these pricks work together!" - Lewis Black